How to Hang a Chandelier
  • Position a dining room chandelier over the center of the table and not necessarily in the center of the room itself.
  • A good rule of thumb is to keep a chandelier over the dining room 5 inches smaller than the table on all sides and 48 inches from the walls.
  • It's best to let a chandelier hang between 30 to 34 inches over a dining room table. If your ceilings are higher than 8 feet, you may raise the light an extra 1 to 3 inches for each additional foot.
  • When hanging a chandelier in a foyer, make sure it fills the space comfortably without appearing too large or too small. A good position for the chandelier is at about knee-height of the second floor landing.
  • Install a dimmer to avoid table glare, excessive heat, and to increase light bulb life.

How to Find the Right Height and Down Rod for a Ceiling Fan
Ceiling Height Downrod Length
9ft. or less standard down rod (3 inches)
10ft. - 11ft. 1 ft. rod or standard if preferred
11ft. - 12ft. 18" - 24" down rod
12ft. - 14ft. 36" down rod
14ft. - 16ft. 48" down rod
16ft. + 72" down rod
17ft. + Custom down rod